A juicy and refreshing sparkling limoncello cocktail made with only 3 simple ingredients. A sparkling limoncello cocktail that’s perfect for […]

Sweet juicy watermelon, tangy lime and garden fresh mint create the perfect blend for sipping on the deck! Whether you […]

Limoncello Vodka Cooler. Sweet Limoncello, a hit of vodka and lots of ice make this the perfect summer cooler for […]

The weather is getting nice, the days are long, (which means the evenings are really long), and my hectic schedule […]

This Luscious blackberries are one of my all time favorites !! Putting them into a margarita created one of the […]

These Painkiller Cocktails live up to their name. They definitely take away your pain- although I’m not sure if that’s […]

There’s no better time than the holiday season to experiment with fun and festive cocktails, right? All of these parties […]

This Banana Cacao Coconut Smoothie is as close as you can get to a healthy milkshake! It’s dairy free, gluten […]

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